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It only took me a about half a year or so to learn what you all were probably thinking, “a blog is not ideal for communication.”

As we continue to assess what is working and what is not, we realize that the Blog is not reaching parents, students, or leaders with the same amount of precision that the mailchimp emails were. Yes, you can do more with it, but more has resulted in less.

In an effort to streamline and simplify our communication efforts with families the Children’s Ministry and the Student Ministry of PPC will send out a weekly mailchimp email with Updates, Information, and a Ministry Highlight. This email will be a one-stop view at what you need to know in regards to the happenings of our Children and Student ministry. Also, our the Children’s Ministry and Student Ministry have their own facebook pages.

We are going to “Make email great again!”

Appreciate you all,


WHY BOTHER WITH CHURCH? (Break this week)

Game on

This week will be on “Identity”

REMINDER: Sunday June 12th we are pausing the “Why Bother with Church?” until Sunday June 19th.

Students and Parents,

Thank you parents who braved the Underground this past Sunday morning! Please students, invite your parents to come down and join us!!

This past week we started a series entitled “Why bother with church?” We are using Sam Alberry’s outline from his book “Why bother with church?” as a guide to navigate some of the pressing questions we all wrestle with in regards to What the Church is, Why we need it, and everything else. While our Sunday morning teaching draws from many resources and examples, our main resource for the series is the Bible. We will continue to look at several passages each week that directly relate to the question we are attempting to answer.

We hope that knowing “what” the church is, “whose” the church is, will lead to people asking “why not bother with church?”

Look for the notes from from the class to be posted within the next couple weeks.

Students….invite your parents!!!!


I love you more thanbacon and eggs

This is a great opportunity to invite that friend who does not go to church!!! A great opportunity for your tight friend group to reach out to that student in church who does not know anyone!!! This is a great fun night that will be even more fun when you go to intentionally love others!!! Let’s do this PPC. #othersfirst #ppcfamily



Jr High SummerMissions Trip

(Click on the picture above to register)

Who: 6-8th students

What: An inner-city service trip to Cincinnati, OH working with Cincinnati Urban Promise. Our group will participate in leading the Summer of Promise Day Camp for Elementary students, or work projects, or community service.

When: July 7th (early) – July 9th (evening)

Where: Cincinnati Urban Promise, 4139 Kirby Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45223, Phone: 513-255-5582

How Much: $125/person (Scholarships are available)

Why: A local, affordable, mission experience. Fulfilling the mission of PPC to grow in Christ by going in service to him and others.




Hey Jr. High and High School students, and your families, we have called Jet Freeze and let them know that we will be heading over to enjoy some ice cream together after VBS on Wednesday night.

Hope you can make it!


Game on


  • Someone who goes along dutifully to church week by week, but not completely sure why.
  • Someone who has dug-in, is serving hard, but wondering if it’s all worth it.
  • Someone who has been slowly finding reasons to back out of the church.
  • Someone who is new and you want to know what you are getting into.


  • That you would no bother with church, but you that you would grow to be excited about church. That your question would be “why on earth would you not bother with church?”


  • You are far off from having any excitement about church


  • Two words, “What” and “Whose”
  • When we get what the church is, and whose the church is, we really won’t want to go anywhere else on Sunday morning.

Parents, you invited to join us in the Underground during the 10:30am service time for this series on “Why Bother With Church?”




4 Tips on

Jr. High, High School and College are the times where deep friendships are built. To this day I am still in weekly contact with a friend I started hanging out with when we were in Jr. High. But, how do we discern between the friends we should and should not hang out with? Here are 4 helpful tips:

#1 Gravitate Towards Honest Sinners

There is no perfect friend. There are Christ professing friends who struggle to be loving and know that they don’t have it all together, and then there are Christ professing friends who appear perfect and act as if they have it all together. Seek the former. The latter may fool your parents, but they will pull you to become a pretender in the game of life. Being honest about oneself does not equate to belief, but it is the fertile ground for which one will hold fast to the Gospel and bear fruit with patience (Luke 8:15).

#2 Gravitate Towards Friends Who Associate with the World

Paul had to clarify a misunderstanding that the early Corinthian church had about associating with sinful people. He said that he was, “not at all meaning the sexually immoral of this world, or the greedy, and swindlers, or idolaters, since then you would need to go out of the world.” The Corinthians had begun to remove themselves from the world and create a Christian-only bubble. Ironically, Paul’s rebuke was not for them to stop hanging out with the sinners of the world, but with those who claim to be believers yet live in sin with no remorse. (I Cor. 5:9-13) A friend who is unafraid of people different from them is an asset.

A note of caution here: Jesus was known to send out his disciples with at least two in a group, and the apostles travelled with at least two in a group. Jesus said in Matthew 18:20 “wherever two or more are gathered in my name, there I am.” If you are going to cultivate friendships with a friend or group of friends who do not know Christ you should do so with another brother or sister in Christ, not by yourself. If you don’t have one right now it may be a good time to start praying for one and waiting, or only inviting your non-believing friend over to your house with your family. Remember it is not the sinfulness of others that you are guarding yourself from, but the sinfulness of your own heart that can and will grow deep roots when you live in isolation.

#3 Better to be Friends with a Non-Believer, than a Habitually Sinning Unrepentant Believer

A habitually sinning unrepentant believer is a cancer to your spiritual growth. I know, I used to be one. Within the body of Christ, a person who claims to believe in Christ and is unrepentant and continues in sin is compared to bad leaven that corrupts the whole piece of bread. The only way to get the bad leaven out is to make a new batch of bread without leaven. Jesus said, “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.” Before severing ties for the time being use the biblical model of confronting sin from Matthew 18 with this brother or sister.

A note of caution: You might be this friend. If so, this is God’s loving reminder to humble yourself, confess your sin, seek forgiveness and rest in the forgiveness you have in Christ.

#4 Be the Friend You Want to Have

Go on, allow God to mature you, be vulnerable with a friend and see what happens. Confess to them that you have been lying to your parents, struggling with lust, judging others constantly, gossiping, afraid of what people think, prideful etc. You aren’t bragging about sin, but mourning it, confessing it, and depending on God to transform you. Take heart, “The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.” (Zephaniah 3:17) Ask a brother or sister in Christ if they would join you in cultivating some friendships with people who don’t know Christ. Or ask your parents if you can start cultivating friendships as a family with people in your neighborhood who don’t know Christ. Lastly, it may be time to distance yourself from a person claiming to be your brother or sister in Christ who is unrepentant of habitual sin. Do not distance yourself from them without confronting them first, because you love them, but don’t think that their spirit of rebellion does not have an effect on your heart, it does.

Love you PPC family, go be a friend!

Summer Sunday Mornings in the Undergound

SUnday morning (1)

Graduate Recognition Sunday (RESPOND BY THURSDAY NIGHT)



High School Graduates,

This Sunday morning we will recognize all you graduating seniors in 1st and 2nd Service.

If you are a graduate and you would like to be recognized, or if you are a parent and you would like your graduate recognized, then please email with the following information:

Name (as you want it to appear on screen)

Child of (Name of Parent(s))

From where you are graduating

What are you doing next? Job? School? etc.




Bathrooms, Guidelines, and Me

Your Name

PPC Students and Parents,
Do you watch the news? Read the articles? This has been the year of the Transgender equality issues.  From cancelled Bruce Springsteen concerts to Target bathrooms it does not seem that a week has passed where we have not seen the word “Transgender” or “Trump” in the title of a trending news story, although we have yet to see them together.

How are we to respond? Do we board up the windows and start saving supplies for the end? Do we join in the ethics of our country that are being promoted and enforced by our government? Or is there another way? Well before you start burning your social security card and scouting out your escape routes, or hopping on the bus of liberal thought and their new definitions for words like identity, tolerance, and inclusion, let’s pause and profit from God’s word on how we are to respond.

  1. Humble Yourself

Romans 5:7-8 “It is rare indeed for anyone to die for a righteous man, though for a good man someone might possibly dare to die. But God proves His love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. 

You and I are not some super “good” people who have avoided the evils of this world because of our “good” choices. You and I are evil people at our core, who came into this world choosing ourselves, and our own man-made truths over God’s Word and his perfect truth. We have been saved by Jesus’ self-sacrificial love alone, nothing else. Every human struggles with finding their identity in anything other than God. We might find our identity our job, our false-perception of control, our kids, or our gender, all are sinful and we are all prone to some more than others. The depths of our depravity knows no bounds. Therefore, the Christian has no justification for looking upon someone struggling with gender identity with anything other than love. They are created in the image of God and have infinite value. Maybe you do not struggle in this way, maybe you can’t relate.  They need, what we all need, the good news that Jesus died for sinners, of whom we are the foremost, and conquered death by resurrecting from the grave. Russel Moore writes that, “The way of discipleship is to settle on the fact that we serve a God who knows more about humanity, and more about us personally, than we know about ourselves.” We all submit to what God says, not what we feel or think. If we felt and thought perfectly then there would be no need for a savior. Further, we still, like Peter, after experiencing the grace of God and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, sin.  Therefore, before we even enter the conversation let us humble ourselves.

  1. Is it Loving?

The love of Christ towards us is our key to loving others. Paul, in his first letter to the Corinthians, says that he will show them a “more excellent way,” not an option, but the way of the Christian, and that way is Love. In his second letter to the Corinthians he states that, “the love of Christ controls us” and later in Galatians he names love as the first fruit of the Spirit. Also, in Romans 5:5 Paul writes that “God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.” And John writes in I John 4:19 “we love because He first loved us.” Every circumstance we encounter in this world is an opportunity to love with a supernatural love that we have received from our loving God in Jesus Christ. In regards to transgender issues keep the question of love at the forefront. Are you loving your kids? Other people’s kids? Your enemies? Your government? Your president? Your school board? Your principal? Christian love is decisive love, which often means loving when you don’t feel like doing so. John, actually uses love as the litmus test for knowing God, “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.” (I John 4:7-8) No doubt as our culture progresses away from God we will be provided with numerous opportunities to love.

So write a letter to your school board, your superintendent, and your state representative. Have discussions with your kids, and other parents. Be active in fighting for a country that is not morally relativistic, but morally absolute and grounded in truth. All the while rooting your actions in the love and confidence you have received in Christ which compel you to act humbly and lovingly to all. Otherwise, do us all a favor and stop talking.

Helpful Resources:

Guidelines from the Department of Education

Explanation of the Guidelines from ERLC (The Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission)

What the Transgender Bathroom Debate Means for You

What to do when new transgender guidelines affect your child’s school

-PPC Student Ministry

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